How To Work From Home

If you’re reading this you’re probably new to working remotely at home.

Take it from someone who’s been doing it for a few years now. I got some tips for you on how not to go crazy and build a system that works for you.

The first few days, you’ll probably see it as a vacation, start staying in your pajamas till noon, and look forward to not wasting your day or gas on your daily commute.

A few days in, it feels nice till it isn’t anymore. You get bored, and you can’t find a space to focus, and next, you get distracted by Netflix. Or maybe you’re a parent with kids and that’s a whole other job itself. 

Accountability is out the door, and now you are responsible for getting your tasks done.

Working from home can both be extremely enjoyable and difficult. 

Here are a few tips on how to keep productive while working from home.

Tips on How to Work From Home


My Top Tips

  1. Get a Morning Routine
  2. Dress the Part
  3. Create a Separate Workspace
  4. Set a Schedule 

Get a Morning Routine

When you start working from home, that 9am-5pm routine goes away. Freedom without that routine can lead to procrastination or long workdays. Set up your alarm to wake up at the same time, shower, and brew some coffee or tea! Put one some music to hype you up and get ready for the day. Do whatever you need to do and get started on the right foot.

Dress the Part

I get it! One of the biggest selling points to working from home is that you can dress however you like. Even on those days, you’re not feeling 100%, or the weather is a bit gloomy. It’s okay to indulge yourself and put on some sweats and comfy socks.

However, putting on some jeans and a comfortable shirt helps keep that sense of work vs. relaxation. You don’t need to dress up in anything expensive or even put on shoes. Some slippers will do!

Create a Separate Workspace

A separate workspace doesn’t have to be a dedicated office with a door that closes. It should be an area that mentally prepares you for work mode. It can be a small desk in the living room, your kitchen table, or a nook.

You have to train your brain to understand that it is your place of work. Ideally, don’t use a place you like to relax in, like your bedroom or that couch you like to nap on.

It will take trial and error till you find your sweet spot, but don’t worry, we all have one!

Set a Schedule

Know what you’re supposed to be doing. Work on things that matter and don’t spend time procrastinating. You can take an 8 hour day down and shrink it down to 6 hours as long as you get your tasks done.

If you work freelance or are your own boss, then you need to take time to build a schedule—separate time for emails, taxes, client projects, calls, and breaks.

Value your work hours and your free time to connect with yourself, family, and friends. Don’t work spontaneously; otherwise, you will find yourself working at random hours of the day or night and find yourself disconnecting from people.


These are just the basics to help get you started. One thing I’ve learned is setting up a routine is essential to keep a healthy mindset and relationships. As a workholic I can assure you sometimes you lose yourself in the work or find yourself doing nothing at all and that’s okay. It’s a matter of finding the right balance.


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